“Why flamenco?!”

The simple and truthful answer to that question is that life has a way of surprising you: I never forgot the first time I heard the sound of flamenco guitar, and after many years and countless trips to Seville to find out what this Andalusian art form was all about

Your Invited to a Birthday Party: Celebrate 30 Years of Rainbows!

Hey Chicago! I am Liz Whelan and I'm working with Rainbows For All Children, the Chicago-based non-profit that focuses solely on helping children overcome the grief, fear and sadness that comes after a significant loss or tragedy. They are celebrating a milestone birthday and you are invited to help support their cause.

The Gift Theatre Company Celebrates 10 Years With 10 Performances

The Gift Theatre Company, one of the smallest equity troupe’s in the Chicago, is celebrating their anniversary of ten successful years and are inviting all to experience it with them. The theatre’s newest performance, appropriately titled “Ten” is a quick sampler of short ten minute plays written by, ten playwright phenoms, David Rabe, Eric Bogosian, JT Rogers, Craig Wright, Caitlin Montayne Parrish, Andrew Hinderaker, William Nedved, Jenny Connell, & Maggie Andersen.