The Grinch Who Gave Back Christmas at The Underground

My name is Arturo Gomez and I am the President of Rockit Ranch Productions. Having been with the company since its inception, The Grinch party at our nightclub venue, The Underground, is by far one of my favorites. On Friday, December 4th, 2015 and for the 8th consecutive year, The Underground will be transformed into Dr. Seuss’ classic Whoville.
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Chicago March Madness Celebration!

After my buddy, Bachelorette Jillian Harris, and I had such a successful fundraiser for Haiti a couple months ago - she brought the newest event that she's hosting to me and I'm more than happy to help...
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Chicago Big Brothers Big Sisters

Shout out to my buddies Jillian Harris & ed Swiderski of “The Bachelorette” who turned me on to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Chicago Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2010 that they are competing in… sounds like...
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Support Haiti vs/& Home Live on Mancow WLS Radio

Friend of mine on twitter @stealx & a ton of others hit me during my interview on Mancow wls radio Friday expressing how much of a stressful scary situation I was caught live on air!  Well, I got it on...