Meet Andrew Zimmern of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods!”

From dung beetles and rotten fish to fertilized duck eggs and brain tacos, we've watched Andrew Zimmern freak us out eating unthinkable things we didn’t even know existed on Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods!" But let me tell you from a personal relationship, he is far more than just able to shock & excite. He's worldly, intelligent, entertaining, magnetic, funny and well versed in all things culinary & culture- and I really think you should meet him while he is in town next week!
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How the heck did Billy Dec win an Emmy?!

Haha- someone just asked me that on twitter- so thought I would share the mini piece that won it for me (click here) and let all know that nominations for this year's emmy awards are this tuesday and you may...
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Dwyane “Wade’s World” Weekend in Chicago!

This is a video of me interviewing nba allstar dwyane wade about his thoughts on the Olympics, his love for chicago, how he would do if he played me one on one, & much more… we actually filmed it at a...