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Chicago Moms! Now you can feel proud (and guilt free) when you allow your daughters to read princess stories!

Princesses are a lot stronger, savvy and successful than we’ve given them credit for. Think about it! If someone made you work like a slave (for no money or gratitude), sabotaged you with a pointed apple or needle, stole your voice, impersonated your grandmother or kept you locked alone in a tower to entertain yourself for years, and you lived to talk about it, plus married yourself a handsome prince and got yourself some resources, you’d be a gal we’d all love to spend time with. That’s what the princesses are to me and my two daughters, Isabella and Sophia: Interesting! Amazing! Role models! Princesses are gals I want me daughters to know. And emulate.

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Ten years ago I was stuck. The princess stories were in my home and not going anywhere. I had tried to keep a princess-free home. But, it was impossible. They were there to stay. So, instead of giving up the fight, I decided “If I can’t beat ’em, I’ll join ’em.” So I took the princesses as-is and added onto the story. My daughters loved the fantastic adventures enough to ask for them again and again. Pretty soon their friends asked, too. Before I knew it, we had a few dozen stories… then an illustrator… then story boards… then a book… then another book… and now here we are with a series of books!


I don’t want my girls to identify with princesses who are velociraptors or warriors.

That’s the other side of ridiculous. For goodness’ sake! Princess stories are for children, and they are meant to be fantastic, not stupid. What do my children want with a velociraptor or warrior? What does that have to do with the princesses they already know? Did the velociraptor eat the princess? Did the warriors kill them? Princesses With a Twist give mothers relief, and girls a story they can take with them forever. Princesses With a Twist is the real hero. Saving moms from guilt. Saving girls from starting off the journey of being a woman with an abbreviated story that leaves out the goof stuff.

Come learn more (and have fun in the princess) by joining me on Wednesday, July 22 at Vanille Chicago as we bring Snow White’s story to life and transform the female-owned bakery into ‘The Happy Apple.’

You see in my books how Snow White overcomes her fear of apples, becomes an entrepreneur and opens and runs successful apple- themed bakery. From 7am until 6pm, we’ll have book readings from Snow White, specialty apple-themed items and more!

We’re in the tail end of our Kickstarter campaign and can use your support!


-Amelia Case, author of Princesses With a Twist

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