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What’s going on Chicago? This is Donnie Biggins from one of many music-related businesses, bands & events here in Chicago; Harmonica Dunn, Dunn Dunn Fest, Tonic Room, The Shams Band, and most recently, my debut solo project, Profiles. I’m taking a break from bartending today to tell you a little bit about what I have going on in our city, and what I think you should check out…

First, my debut solo record, Profiles: Profiles was released digitally on November 29th, 2016. It is my first effort as a solo artist in Chicago. It was recorded at Pieholden Suite Sound, engineered & mixed by Matt DeWine, and produced by Ryan Joseph Anderson. I chose to work with Matt & Pieholden Suite Sound because its history and equipment. The studio was owned and operated by the late great Jay Bennett of Wilco. If you are a fan of Wilco, you will hear their influence in my songwriting and on my record. I encourage you to check it out today at or via Spotify. I will be performing this Saturday, January 28th at Lincoln Hall in support of Joshua Davis. Tickets & Information are available here:

I also perform in the Chicago rock n roll band, The Shams Band. We have been hitting the Chicago venue circuit and street festivals hard since 2009. We’re currently working on our 4th record and will be performing at Dunn Dunn Fest w/ Low Cut Connie on February 17th!

Second, Harmonica Dunn: Harmonica Dunn is my music promotion company. I have booked over 1,500 concerts in Chicago since 2012. I am an independent promoter, meaning that I can book wherever I am allowed to work. I only have one club in which I am committed to, Tonic Room, which I own and operate now. I typically build bands in Tonic Room until they are too big to play the room any more. At that point I reach out to bigger clubs and continue to work with artists as they grow. Such clubs include and are not limited to: Schuba’s, Beat Kitchen, Subterranean, The Hideout, Lincoln Hall, FitzGerald’s Nightclub and Thalia Hall. I consider myself the “Most Artist-Friendly Concert Promoter in Chicago” because I treat my artists fairly, pay them out in the most fair way I can and understand what it means to be a musician on tour and locally in Chicago.

Third, Dunn Dunn Fest: Dunn Dunn Fest is in it’s 5th year. It is my winter festival & showcase in Chicago. It spans three nights, February 16th – 18th, 2017 and features over 50 bands at the following venues: Lincoln Hall, Schuba’s, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, The Hideout, & Tonic Room. This year’s lineup is my most eclectic yet exposing touring artists and local artists from a variety of genres: Americana, Soul, Country, Funk, Bluegrass, Rock, Hip Hop & Indie. Full lineup & ticket information are available at

Fourth, Tonic Room: Tonic Room is my home base for music promotion and, as of April 2016, I am the proud owner of the club. It is one of the smallest sized venues but has hosted some major acts. Some of those include: Chance The Rapper, Dean Ween, Hannibal Buress, Gene Ween, Vulfpeck & all the members of Umphrey’s McGee. We host live music seven nights a week and have developed a great atmosphere filled with Chicago musicians and fans. The talent that plays our stage is top notch and deserves more attention from Chicago music lovers.

Thank you for checking my post out. I hope you’ll listen to my debut record and make it out to one of my events soon. You can find me working behind the bar at Tonic Room quite often. See you soon!

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