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Listen up all you dedicated followers of Alternative Press! If you didn’t already know, Riot Fest is finally making its way to Chicago on September 14-16th! The Congress Theatre and Humboldt Park will be packed with intense alternative music fans. If you love this particular band as much as me then you are probably about to fall off your chair with excitement because Chiodos is coming back at full force with all of the original band mates!! Although they aren’t headlining, I am currently dying with excitement for my favorite band of all time to finally be back together, just as the music God’s intended.  That’s right, no joke…all five of the high school buddies will be working as one again. Don’t miss lead singer Craig Owens and drummer Derrick Frost at Riot Fest with the rest of the boys on Sunday afternoon. I’m really hoping they end up featuring a ton of songs from “All’s Well That End’s Well” and “Bone Palace Parade”.  Also keeping my fingers crossed for some cool new stuff. Remember the rule, no hardcore dancing in the living… that’s why I plan to do mine in the kitchen before hand.

On the other drumstick…keep an eye out for more of my fav’s like Neon Trees and The Offspring on Friday at The Congress Theatre as well as Coheed and Cambria and Rise Against on Saturday. AWOLNATION, another one of my favorites, will also be performing on Sunday like Chiodos at Humboldt Park.  Over 40 bands will be singing and screaming their hearts out during this ear-penetrating weekend so don’t miss it if you can help it.

Tickets are selling fast…grab yours now or regret it! Head to to snag a VIP pass or even just a one-day ticket!

Mandy Stifter

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