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If you follow me on twitter, you know I serve on the board of directors of the lookingglass theatre as I tweeted from our quarterly meeting yesterday about exciting new developments and collaborations to come… one artistic collaboration that I think is super cool with lookingglass is with their upcoming launch of hephaestus: a greek mythology tale combing elements of circus, theatre, live music, and dance… w/ silver guy entertainment @ the Goodman theatre.
the cast includes not only dear friends, but the world’s most elite circus performers- veterans from the wallenda family, ringling bros, and cirque de soleil, led by creator and artistic associate tony hernandez, & heidi stillman. They have been rehearsing & training for the past few months in sarasota, florida with the famous wallenda family, once only able to do a three person pyramid, but now with the space at the goodman theatre, coupled with the trust, traning & balance of their teammates, they are able to do a seven person pyramid(see pic above) for this show!

As for the storyline, it follows the tale of hephaestus, who was born weak, disfigured and crippled, and was cast down from the heavens to earth by his mother, hera.  on earth, he became an extraordinary artist, turning metal into beautiful works of art.  he creates men out of steel, encounters sea nymphs, and ultimately falls in love w/ the most beautiful goddess of all.

I have seen earlier productions of this play- it is an absolute must see- trust me. the show runs from april 7-may 23, and will probably sell out. Get tix now by calling goodman theatre box office at 312-443-3800 or website!

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