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Greetings Earthlings of Chicago!!! Evacuate the Earth here and we’ve got some big news!

It’s been four long years in the making, but our second full-length album is in the can and ready to drop on Tues, June 6. We’ll be celebrating the self-titled release with a free show at the Emporium Arcade Bar, featuring our friends the Fox and the Hounds and newcomers Karen (members of Blackglass/Ribbonhead), on Thurs, June 8 at the Emporium Chicago. To top of the evening off, we will be performing the new album in it’s entirety.

For those of you who have seen us around town over the past few years, a lot of the material may be familiar to you. Expanding on the unique sound we developed on our 2013 debut, we immediately began to add new pieces to our live repertoire. There, we were able to explore all of their possibilities and allow them to grow into their ultimate state. We took a similarly patient approach in the studio where, after beginning initial tracking last August, we stretched overdubbing and mixing over the course of many months, spending time with each track to find its most realized form. Not concerning ourselves with having to perform exact replications of the material live, we explored every additional avenue the studio presented. The result is a lush, layered production that serves as a worthy counterpart to the raw energy of our live show. That’s not to say the live show has any lack of complexity, though. The new material has us all pulling double duty with Theremin, additional percussion (both acoustic and electric) and a multitude of effects units complementing our core of bass, drums and saxophone.

We’re very proud of this new work and can’t wait for you all to hear it! We look forward to seeing you June 8 at the Emporium and can’t wait to start bringing more new ideas to the stage later this summer!


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