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Everyone knows Chicago will be focusing on fashion this week because it’s…oh yeah Fashion Focus Chicago.  And while I want to hit up every event this week has to offer, there are some events that are a little unique.

Take Maison De LaCour’s fashion show. Like any good show, “The Immaculate One” will have some choice hosts.  Corri McFadden from Edrop-Off, April Francis founder of Dose Market and KISS FM host Angi Taylor will all be there.

So I said it’s not your average runway show. This is why its not: it’s going to be choreographed.  Ok, let me break this down better.  The show will be in two parts.  First, you can check out the ready-to-wear line, MDLC. To Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” (Am I just curious about what they’re going to wear when Freddie Mercury starts singing “Galileo?”) The intermission will be a modern ballet performance choreographed by Yana German.  Then, the models return to show the 2013 Spring collection.

That’s just the fashion show part of the evening.  There’s a cocktail reception with performances.  And it’s black tie.  So wear your best while seeing the best of Maison De LaCour.  All proceeds go to American Cancer Society.  Wanna get tix? Click here!

Grace Sweeney

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