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Can you relate to dealing with a struggle of opinion, being stuck teetering on what morals and ideals you choose to support?  This identifiable theme can be found, in one way or another, in many people’s lives all across the World, which is why this remarkable film by Lise Birk Pedersen is one not to miss, as she transports us over to Russia.

On March 28thThe Chicago Committee of Human Rights Watch will hold a very special screening, Putin’s Kiss. It is an engaging and moving story of struggle and politics during the Putin era in Russia.  Through the screening, you will experience a first-hand glace of Russia’s political climate through the eyes and struggle of a 19-year old girl, Masha.

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Join Masha on her journey beginning with full support of the Nashi Youth Movement and Putin’s policies aiming to remove Russia’s “enemies” which focus on those who support controversial issues, investigative journalists, and human rights defenders.  However, through mixing and mingling with a new set of friends, Masha starts to question Nashi’s beliefs and it’s leaders, causing great angst and confusion.  Come along on her journey, and you will discover what shocking event leads her to make an ultimate decision between the two groups.

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After this emotional screening, stick around for a panel discussion to dig even deeper into the context with Human Rights Watch’s Deputy Director of the Europe and Central Asia Division, Rachel Denber, and other special guests.  To round out this memorable night, cap off the evening with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  Held at the beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art, the MCA galleries will be open for viewing as well.

For ticket information and purchasing, click here!  The film serieswill continue on Monday nights at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, April 8th– May 6th.

Amanda Macchitelli

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