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Hey, folks! My Chicago-based band Nice Motor has been putting out new music to close out the 2016 year, and ring in the New Year! That’s right, we spent 2016 riding out the “Seminary Street” EP and accompanying singles, writing new tunes and recording with Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite. When we emerged in the fall, the world had changed…

The good news is we didn’t change much. Our drummer Seth has a beard now, guitarist Dave trimmed his mop, bassist Neil bought a house, and I (Brian) got a passport. We are also excited to have added our fifth set of musical hands to Nice Motor: Mr. Ryan T. Hope, from Chicago band The Lifeline, adds some nice work on guitar, vox, drums, and lap steel for live shows. He also has good jokes and sweet facial expressions. Since our studio hiatus, we have played a fun show at Martyrs’ in November to release the first pair of singles, “Duck and Cover” and “Devil’s Handcuffs,” both of which are available for free streaming and free download on Sound Cloud:

 Next on the agenda is the release of two more singles, and a show at the soon-to-be-shuttered Double Door in Chicago on New Year’s Eve. We’ll be hitting the stage at 9pm to kick off the night, with Lucky Boys Confusion headlining:


The next two singles will be “Even It Up” and “War on the Move.” These two singles can also be streamed and downloaded on Sound Cloud:

Nice Motor formed in 2014 when Chicago band Jonny Rumble called it quits after 13 years. Seth and Brian (siblings since birth) stuck together and teamed up with Dave Swick, after his departure from Super Happy Fun Club. On bass we recruited Neil Krajenta from the warehouse of Home Depot. It is a little known fact that Home Depot is harboring dangerous bass players, so heads up on that. In our two short years together, we have managed to hit the studio twice, play live regularly, and consistently release music to positive reception. Playing live is our passion though, and we look forward to many more shows in 2017!


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