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like many others out there, my buddy jodi fyfe lost a loved one to breast cancer.  What I love about her though is she took immediate action to begin a very big fight, so that hopefully one day others wouldn’t have to feel that pain as well.  I met Jodi about 5 years ago when I was hosting a segment for metromix tv, there to cover and support her new tickled pink breast cancer fundraising event she had started, and was so wow’ed by her passion and determination, I never stopped supporting since.  Some years I joined all the chicago media invited to jump behind the bar to entertain and serve guests unique pink specialty drinks, some years I’ve grabbed the mic and hosted, but every year, I’m just a proud and excited guest there to enjoy all the wonderful people that have been brought together to fight this all too common battle in a really fun and positive way!

5 years & over $150,000 donated toward the cause later… jodi and her tickled pink team continue on and we will be with her… as I hope you will too! This year we get to be served and entertained by local Celebrity & media like.. TEAM WFLD-TV of Kori Chambers, Amy Freeze, Nancy Pender, Chris Sowers and Tera Williams. TEAM WGN-TV of Dina Bair and Tom Negovan. TEAM WMAQ-TV of Rob Elgas, Christian Farr, Natalie Martinez, Liz Parker, Alex Perez, Anthony Ponce, Marcus Riley, Matt Rodewald, Phil Rogers, Kim Vatis, Zoraida Sambolin and Ginger Zee, Susan Carlson of WBBM-TV, Susanna Negovan of Michigan Avenue, Amanda Puck of XA The Experiential Agency Inc.,  Liz Crokin of and and last but not least.. the charitable firemen of the Windy City. 

My role?  To work with my underground & rockit ranch team to make sure the party rocks so all these superstars above can work their magic and make sure you and your friends have an absolute blast! so the party is at our place, the underground, this Friday, feb 26th from 7-10p… drinks, food, Music, fun, amazing crowd, be there! for more info and tix go to … and at bare minimum… just help spread the word as there are unfortunately many people out there that this could benefit in one way or another!  And together with jodi and the tickled pink crew- we will keep on fighting! You rock- b

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