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I love to share awesome prizes, tickets, vip passes…to all the experiences I get invited to w/ all my friends and followers on facebook and twitter (click on them to get in on it!). Yesterday I made up a fun lil contest to take a couple fans to Ellen’s amazing live show at The Chicago Theatre…you got to see these pics & read this review that one of the winners wrote, it’s awesome!

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Yesterday, June 16th, Is going down as one of the highlights of my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but I am a huge Ellen fan, and people who know me well know that about me. So you can imagine I was so excited when I won seats to ”Ellen’s somewhat special special” show in Chicago!
To be honest, I had no idea what the show was going to be like or who was in it. All I needed to know was that Ellen was the main act, and I was there! However, I was blown away by the entire show! I knew it was going to be an incredible night when Ellen walked onto the stage with the Blackhawks’ Colin Fraser, Kris Versteeg, Andrew Ladd and Troy Brouwer! Wait, it gets even better! Not only did she walk out with these players, but they came out holding the cup! Yes, You heard me correctly! The Stanley Cup! After seeing this I did not think the show could get any better, but I should have known it would! After the blackhawks left the stage, there was a great series of variety show acts! I am still trying to absorb everything I saw. First, there was Dominic Lacasse, an amazing acrobatic who could do chin ups on a side-ways poll! It was unreal!
Then, one of my favorites acts came on stage, the Catwalk Acrobatics. It was a group of five guys and one girl who used trampolines to do tricks, such as walking up walls sideways, diving through small spaces, and other body motions I could never do in a million year no matter how much training. Following that eye-opening performance was an australian magician named, James Galea. I must be honest, I am never really impressed with card tricks but he really had my head spinning! He did quite a few of them, but my favorite was when he told a story with an entire deck of cards. Sounds unimpressive, but wait until you see it when the show airs on TBS soon!
Next, Ellen had a guest comedian by the name of John Mulaney perform! John Mulaney is a Chicago based comedian and extremely funny! I highly recommend checking him out. Finally, the last talent act was ping pong stunt performers displaying what they called ‘matrix ping pong’. The ping pong act was a mind playing scene shown in only glow in the dark images. Again, this one is not something I can explain but is better left seen!
To top all of it off, Ellen surprised the audience with a performance by the amazing country group formed Nashville, Lady Antebellum! They performed two songs for everyone, one being “I need you now”, which is my absolute favorite! The lead singer, Hilary Scott, even shared with the audience that she tried out for American Idol two times and never made it past the first round! That was crazy to hear, especially because I tried out last year and Made it to the third round! Now, does this sound like it was an awesome show or what?! I think I laid in bed for an hour last night reliving it all in my head!
If you were not able to go to the show, it airs Sunday, June 27th on TBS! Ellen was just one night of the “Just for Laughs” series here in Chicago at the Chicago Theater. You can Catch “Cedric the entertainer’s Urban Circus” June 18th and the “Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2”, featuring Denis Leary on June 19th! You can get your tickets here: .

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