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Hi, folks. Kevin Andrew Prchal here.

Back in November, my friends and I made a record. My instinct was to get in the studio, lay down the drums to a metronome, and layer the rest of the instrumentation on top of it. That’s what I’ve always done in the past, and it’s been great. But as we started to pace out the perfect tempos and edit mistakes along the way, I knew this was the wrong approach for these tunes. It felt resistant to the song’s natural force and energy, like what I imagine it’s like to dress up a toddler for a wedding; hair combed, bow tied, and Instagram-ready when underneath it all they’re this tornado of mud, tangles, and fruit punch.

What I’m trying to say is: I wanted this record to sound like a tornado of mud, tangles, and fruit punch. To comb this record’s hair and dress it up in a bowtie for everyone’s amusement would be unfair to the creative and formative energy of these songs. So, with a little push from my friend and producer Adam Krier to record this thing live, we scrapped what we had and got to work. Over the course of three days that followed, we stunk up Studio A at IV Lab Studios in Chicago and recorded what would be my third full-length record.

The result is an intimate, sun-soaked, confetti-flying record called, Love & Summer. It was born out of the resolve that this world, while it may often disguise itself as this big bad place, is tripping over itself with goodness. It is a place of community, culture, colors, paralyzing awe and wonder, big thinkers, deep dreamers, tall grass, deep oceans, pineapple, pizza, pineapple pizza, the films of John Candy, little birdies, big dogs, and most importantly, pulsing through it all like a rippling stone: love.

Cheers and we’ll see you on Saturday, August 5 at FitzGerald’s Nightclub in Berwyn as we celebrate the release of Love & Summer.



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