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Recently, I came across this huge teal van with about 25 customers waiting in line for it. Like anyone, this peaked my interest and I began asking what this line was for. The group of people told me it was for Flirty Cupcakes– a local Chicago company. I’m not going to lie, this was the first time I’ve heard of Flirty Cupcakes. With a long line such as this waiting for just a cupcake, I felt like I just had to try them to see what the hype was about. A good ol’ 15 minutes passed waiting in line for these cupcakes, but I finally received a delectable Flirtini cupcake and I fell in love. I’m talking about the moist cake melting away in my mouth, the smooth flavorful frosting, the wrapping, the decoration- it was a package deal and they sold it!

Flirty Cupcakes was born from the owner’s, Tiffany, nostalgia over ice cream trucks and the feeling she got when she was them she was a little girl.  She wanted to recreate this feeling in adutlhood & thought that the best way to do this was to create a cupcake van that went around the city catering to people’s sweet needs!

I spoke to the owner of Flirty Cupcakes, and what I’ve come to realize after talking with Flirty Cupcakes, they aren’t about the money- they are about the cupcakes, the wow factor, the taste and the fresh ingredients. They make their cupcakes fresh every morning and they don’t freeze them. The cupcake you eat today was made TODAY! Talk about mom’s cooking on wheels! Another mission that sets Flirty Cupcakes apart from other food trucks is their goal for customer satisfaction.

There is so much say about these cupcakes that rocked my world, but how about you go out and try them (check out their website for the next stop)! Write us back and tell us what your favorite cupcake is! Find out more about these divine cupcakes and what intersection they will be at, at and follow them on twitter @FlirtyCupcakes.  Enjoy Chicago!

Josalyn Molina, Intern

4 Responses

  1. Nancy Reid

    I saw the Flirty Cupcake truck recently too. Cupcakes are oh so good!!

  2. sal

    Great post Josalyn, I remember seeing one of those in the past, but never stopped to try one. Now, I definitely will cous I likes the sweets

  3. Karen

    I am a huge fan of flirty cupcakes. My favorites are the Devil in Disguise, Curious George, and now the Lemon. I follow them on Facebook every day to find out if they are anywhere near. The cupcakes are absolutely delicious!

  4. Julie Poradzisz

    Flirty Cupcakes are DELICIOUS! It’s difficult to choose which ONE is my favorite! All of the flavors are wonderful. In my opinion, the best thing about the company is Tiffany and her crew. To say that they have a goal for customer satisfaction is an understatement. These gals (and guys!) really aim to please. Follow them on Facebook and become another cupcake stalker!! We welcome you!


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