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September 22nd should be a great night for comedy as The Chicago Theatre welcomes comedian George Lopez.  The comedian is scheduled to entertain what is sure to be a full house during the second night of his 2012 stand-up tour. Following the cancellation of his TBS talk show “Lopez Tonight,” George Lopez has decided to bring his presence to the stage for a second tour entitled “That’s The America I Live In”. The tour kicks off on September 21st in Milwaukee with Chicago on the following night.

Lopez could very well face some competition from fellow comedian and actor Rob Schneider who is performing at Improv Chicago in Schaumburg, IL throughout the weekend of September 21-23. The entertainer has had a pretty consistent career in comedy since his start on Saturday Night Live and has spent the years starring in hit comedies.  He had a cameo in the film “Jack and Jill” which received extremely negative reviews and scored a staggeringly low 3% on Rotten Tomatoes but has had impressive success with his CBS sitcom “¡Rob!” in which he plays himself and marries into a Mexican-American family.

Good luck to both guys on their tours! I’m sure we will be nothing but impressed. So if you are looking for something to do you should definitely check out either one of these great Chicago venues during the weekend of September 21-23. In 2010 when Schneider visited “Lopez Tonight”, the two discussed the prospects of returning to stand up comedy after having spent a large chunk of their careers focusing on film and television.

In time of political polarity and Chicago teacher’s strikes, it’s nice to have something to laugh about.

“With everything goin’ on in the country, it’s always a good time for stand-up.” – George Lopez

Mandy Stifter

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