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How’s it going readers? It’s Matt Kochis, one of Billy’s interns for the summer, here and ready to tell you guys about a great Chicago company called Growing Through Arts. Growing Through Arts is a company that creates and markets educational children’s books and toys. They are excited to announce their first line of children’s books called The Ballet Series.


Growing Through Arts promotes the philosophy that the arts can have a great impact on children’s lives and futures such as their careers, educations, and social behaviors. As somebody who has been involved with the arts all through my life in forms such as jazz band, marching band, and theater, I completely agree. I think having that artistic and open environment around me really helped me feel free to be creative and take on new perspectives and ideas. I am happy to hear of companies such as Growing Through Arts that is working towards promoting and keeping the arts alive and well in today’s youth. Growing Through Arts was founded by Aleksandra Efimova, owner of Russian Pointe brand of ballet pointe shoes as well as a friend to Billy. Aleksandra, with her ballet background, is more than happy to present The Ballet Series to the public.


The Ballet Series will feature three books: The Nutcracker Ballet, The Cinderella Ballet, and The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. All of these will are written by Aleksandra and tell of these classic ballets while adding a new interesting element to the stories. Aleksandra has added questions throughout the stories that parents can ask their children to teach them moral lessons. The books are aimed for ages 2 through 6 and contain a glossary of ballet terms that will help entice children to learn about this art form.


On top of the three books being released, there will also be three companion Practice & Play Books, which will feature activities that interweave lessons from the storybooks to enhance children’s learning. The Ballet Series is completed with the additional Alphabet Set, where each letter depicts a ballet vocabulary word, and three Stage Scene Play Sets that come with characters children can play with on stage to re-create the ballets.


I think Growing Through Arts new Ballet Series is a fantastic effort to bring the arts to children. I was fortunate to grow up in an environment that supported the arts, but I know not every child has that opportunity. Aleksandra is doing her part to try and change that and ensure that every child has some form of contact with the arts. “I am thrilled to bring the love of dance to children everywhere,” Efimova said. “I hope these books inspire children to become enthusiastic supporters of the arts and to learn that with discipline and passion, any dream can come true.”

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