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St. Patrick’s Day weekend is quickly approaching us, so it’s only fitting that we let you know about one of Chicago’s best (and hardest working!) “Paddy Rock” bands, Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers!

Kevin Flynn & the Avondale Ramblers

Some people say Christmas is their favorite time of year; others spend months thinking about what they’ll wear next Halloween. But for Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers, St. Patrick’s Day is the pinnacle of all holidays, with the “wearin’ o’ the green,” “Erin Go Bragh,” or in this band’s case, it’s a kind of Celtic March Madness, as they pack in a marathon 10 shows in two weeks by sheer demand of their fans.

Few songwriters today use their craft to hand down history like the folk singers of the ’50s-‘70s did. But here in Chicago we have a lucky charm in Kevin Flynn. He’s been called “Chicago’s [Bob] Dylan” appropriately. He and the Ramblers (veteran Chicago musicians Sean Mulroney – Ampeg Baby Bass, Nils St. Cyr – Guitar, Andy Gerber – Mandolin, Fred Frey – drums) pen songs about life in Chicago, from the monumental to the mundane, like a Faulkner/Terkel mashup, telling tales atop music inspired by Irish folk songs and modern punk and everything in between. The result are catchy, timeless tunes worthy of raising a glass and singing along.

On their NEW SINGLE, “BACK IN THE DAY,” they reminisce about folks reminiscing (“Oh the stories that Jimmy tells, they’ve always got everyone laughin’ like hell!”) and even offer a wink, a drink, and a smile to The Great Chicago Fire (“Where have you gone, Mrs. O’Leary? We don’t care if it’s true…the fire is out, and the city turns its smilin’ eyes to you!”). The B-Side, “She Was None of Those Things,” is a somber, lovelorn, after-the-lights-come-on ballad that, like that next shot of sauce, is sure to help you forget.

KF A Ramblers Back In The Day Cover

Click to download their single!

As a thank-you to their fans, the two-song single will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from the band’s website throughout the month of March ( The band’s latest LP, The Broken Pavement Of Avondale, touted as one of the best “paddy rock” or celtic punk rock records in at least a decade, is also available for sale on the website.

The band’s marathon March schedule to-date is as follows:

Visit the band’s Facebook page at

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