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Attention all animal lovers! This is Cassy from Ripple Public Relations, and I wanted to spread the word about an amazing benefit coming up on Saturday, May 11th at John Barleycorn River North (149 W. Kinzie). Chicago-based non-profit organization, The Puppy Mill Project, is holding their annual benefit to honor the “Mothers in the Mills”, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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The “Mothers in the Mills” benefit was created to honor and bring attention to all mother dogs held captive in the mills on Mother’s Day weekend. The mother dogs are force bred until they are no longer profitable to the breeder. These breeders supply the puppies to pet stores and to the public, unbeknownst to them. This incredible organization is enlisting the help of the Chicagoland community for this heartfelt and truly inspiring event.

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From 6:30-10:30pm, guests will be able to enjoy a night of drinks and dancing, with a gourmet buffet dinner, silent auction, and raffle prizes – all while contributing to a great cause. Steve Sanders,WGN-TV Anchorman will be the guest emcee, and Chicago fan favorite band, Out of Control, will be performing.  Tickets are $100 per person ($125 at the door), and can be purchased here.

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It’s a fact that 99% of animals sold at pet stores are puppy mill animals that are bred in deplorable conditions. The mission of The Puppy Mill Project is to educate Chicago and beyond about these puppy mills, and put an end to this multi-billion dollar industry. Check out their YouTube video: “I Will Be Saved”.

For more information on The Puppy Mill Project, visit The Puppy Mill Project.

– Cassy Murphy, Ripple PR

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