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My name is Carlo Basile and I was born and raised in Chicago but I always wanted to connect with other cultures. I studied Spanish guitar in Spain and Chicago and that was my ticket to more travel adventures and new creations in music! For the last 20 years, I have been performing professionally, teaching, studying, collaborating and traveling to over 30 countries including India, Senegal, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Cuba. My latest collaborative work is the Andalusian Trails Series which traces the roots of Spanish flamenco from India and Persia with music and dance over two evenings of concerts at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago on October 21st and 22nd (Tix here!).

My main groups are Surabhi and Las Guitarras de Espana and I also perform in a duo with Diego Alonso. Here is a video of us performing with Chihsuan Yang on Erhu, a Chinese instrument that dates back 4,000 years:

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