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Hey guys! Mannat here. I’m back to tell you about another one of my favorite areas. The ‘Chicago Neighborhood Series’ continues!

There is something about Wicker Park that drives everyone crazy. Is it that “cool” hipster feel, the many affordable thrift stores, the fancy clothing boutiques? Or is it the numerous amounts of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants? I know one thing; I love it all!

Let’s start off with the number one reason I love Wicker Park- the food and cocktails. The one place that never gets old for me is The Violet Hour. From the “hidden entrance” to the Alice in Wonderland feel of the lounge, everything screams classy! My favorite cocktails include the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ that is a mix of spirits and a tiny miller high life bottle on the side to add. The line is definitely worth the wait! Big Star being right across from The Violet Hour is also one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the area. But let’s not forget our cheaper and 24-hour taco joint, Flash Taco. No matter what time of the day or night, ‘Flash Taco’ has the best tacos ever!

violet hour

Coffee and donuts are the other aspect of Wicker Park that I love. From Glazed and Infused to Stan’s Donuts and The Wormhole Coffee, there are so many options to fill your sweet cravings and caffeine withdrawals.  Speaking of sweet cravings, delicious breakfast isn’t far away. The Bongo Room serves scrumptious hot cakes and flapjacks for breakfast and lobster roll benedicts for brunch. All of those are simply divine!

wicker 4

Did someone say beer and pizza? Piece Brewery and Pizzeria make some of the best pizza in the ‘hood. My favorite beer on the menu so far is their ‘2005 Gold Medal.’ One of my other favorites is Umami Burger. They have savory ‘Fried Pickles’ and ‘Ahi Tuna Burger’ that make my mouth water every time I think about it! Feeling healthy and spicy? Check out Sultan’s Market where you will get some of the best ‘Tabbouleh Salad’ and ‘Shwarma’ in town. Or eat at Cumin where the ‘Chicken Tikka,’ ‘Dal Makhani,’ and ‘Fish Curry’ will make you go bananas!

wicker 3

It’s Saturday night and you are thinking of where to party? Don’t even worry, because Subterranean, Wicker Park Tavern, Crocodile Lounge, Blue Line Lounge, Shambles, Evil Olive, and Fatpour Tap Works are just a few of the options here. If you have not been to any of these places yet, now is the time! Especially with Chicago Restaurant Week in full swing, it is the perfect opportunity to explore one or all of them.


Brace yourself, because that isn’t all. Wicker Park is known for all the exquisite clothing boutiques that include my favorites Pitaya, Stitch, and Free People. If you love ‘Dr. Martens,’ their location in Wicker has a great collection of boots in every color possible. ‘Vintage Underground’ has some of the most fancy jewelry and accessories you will find. I cannot control myself when I walk into this store!


Scotch & Soda and Mildblend Supply Co. have great options for menswear. All the clothing ranges from funky to preppy. I know what I am getting for my boyfriend this year! These options are a little on the pricy side, but if you are looking for something more affordable and vintage, the thrift stores are the place to be. Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. are the gems of the area. If you’re looking for a hat, Goorin Bros. has every kind of hat you could dream of. Fedoras, beanies, boonies, derbies, top hats, or cowboy hats and hundreds more, trust me when I say that you’ll want to buy them all!


Still wondering what else is there to do in Wicker? Well, if food and shopping isn’t your thing, Myopic Books and Reckless Records have thousands of books and records you are dying to get. Mojo Spa is one of my all-time favorite handmade soap stores. Not only do they have a full manicure/pedicure bar, but also their soaps smell wonderful and come in funky shapes and designs, like cupcakes and candies!

wicker 2

There it is folks, the many reasons why Wicker Park is hands down my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. I would recommend everyone, whether new to Chicago or not, to go visit the fabulous Wicker Park!

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